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Tiddely Songbooks

The Tiddely Songbook project is a collection of music teaching picture books based on traditional children’s folk songs and chants. Each book incorporates a pictorial representation of the music alongside formal notation, for children who are preparing to read music. The musical concepts within the illustrations lead children to discover the relationships between sounds and the patterns they form. 

The Tiddely Songbooks are to be used by music specialists, pre-school and primary classroom teachers and music-minded parents.  The selected songs and rhymes are standards of the Early Years and are a pleasure to read and to sing.

Notes at the end of each book include an overview of the musical content of the song and ways to use the book within a music class.

Recordings of each song can also be found on the songbook links.

Additional resources for each songbook can also be found n the Flashcards and more.