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The little birch tree

This beautiful Russian song paints a picture of the birch forest as a girl dances a dreams of the music.  What can the branch of a tree become? A flute? A balailaika?  The wind blows the leaves into the pattern of the melody that is shown in the music notation below.

Through hearing the song and seeing it in written form, children naturally develop their own music literacy skills.

Children experiencing the song alongside the images can discover the connection between sounds and symbols.

Age: 4+

  • discover melodic contour: pattern of sounds·      
  • discover connection between sounds and visual representation·      
  • develop in tune singing voice·      
  • solo singing opportunity (game)·     
  • practise beat passing (game) 
  • practice inner hearing (follow up activity)

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"After you read and sing The Little Birch Tree to the children, don't forget to play to them Tchaikovsky 4, where this Russian folksong makes an appearance."

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