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The Birdie, Birdie game, (explained in the book: Birdie, Birdie where is your nest?) is a wonderful opportunity for students to sing a solo.

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Birdie, Birdie where is your nest?

This delightful children’s folk song asks the Birdie a question: “Where is your nest?”  As we wait to find out, we see the Birdie fly over hills and towns to his home in a hollow tree.  Hiding in the pictures for children to discover are some birds flying high and low to match the melody, while the music notation is there for the singing. 
As they enjoy listening to the song, children can begin to make a connection between the sounds they hear and the symbols on the page. 

Age: 4-6


  • discover melodic contour: pattern of sounds·     
  • discover connection between sounds and visual representation·     
  • develop in tune singing voice·     
  • solo singing opportunity (game)·     
  • practise beat passing (game)
  • practice inner hearing (follow up activity)

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