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Our songbooks for young children are full of enchanting illustrations and activities to support our especially chosen traditional folk songs.​ 'The frog song' will be available soon to purchase. Watch this space!

Our 'Tiddely songbooks' allow younger children to hear music while seeing it in visual form, both in representational pictures and in formal notation.  Through this discovery method, they prepare for learning to read and write music themselves.   Sharing the books more than once over a period of time will allow children to absorb more and more of the musical concepts within and become independent singers of the song, too.

Our childrens’ songbooks are based on traditional children’s folk songs and rhymes and incorporate a pictorial  representation of music notation alongside formal notation, for children who are preparing to read music. They can be used by music specialists, kindergarten and primary classroom teachers and parents.  The selected songs and rhymes are standards of the Early Years and are a pleasure to read and to sing.  The musical concepts within the illustrations lead children to discover the relationships between sounds and their patterns. You will find helpful advice to teachers and parents and a list of supporting resources at the back of the book.

We will add resources and activities to our website constantly so keep an eye out for them.

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You can buy our resources

in the flesh!

​If you live in Melbourne, Australia you might like to take a drive to Market Fair in Ferntree Gully to purchase our books. They are the same price but with no postage and the added bonus of visiting an amazing market which is all full of home made and vintage treasures!

​Just ask for stall B11 (Jenny Wood)

Market Fair

eBooks now available!

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We develop music resources and teaching materials, including our 'Tiddely song books' series. 

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From the 28th of August, Birdie, birdie where is your nest?, The little birch tree and Rattle and Rumble will be available from Apple iTunes as an ebook for $9.90. Isn't that exciting? 

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